The Hidden Principle: Come Unto Christ
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Lesson #7 The Covenant Relationship is the context for all of the word of God.

All of the word of God is His covenant to us if we will accept it. All of the word of God, according to God's definition, is in the top response. Each of the four responses has its own definition of the word of God. Only the top response has the correct, full definition. The other three responses have varying degrees of the definitions of man and of the devil. That is why they will all be burned. Once we understand this, it is easy to see that the covenant relationship, or the top response of the sower, is the context for all of the word of God. The only way to fully understand the word of God is to view it through the eyes of the covenant relationship because that is the context in which God has given it.

The Restoration Movement backed away from the full response, the top response, officially in 1832 just as the children of Israel did at Mt. Sinai. (We call ourselves latter day Israel. That is not always a compliment.) We have been looking at the Restoration Movement out of context ever since. The Lord is now restoring a knowledge of the covenant relationship so we can respond and the Lord can raise the Restoration Movement back to the top response. This is the time for our people to return to the top response. We are told in 2N 2:20-23 that the Lamanites (Manasseh) and us (Ephraimites [a symbol for the ten tribes]) will be brought to a knowledge of the covenants of the Lord when the Bible and the Book of Mormon grow together. The primary way the Lord is growing these two books together is by revealing their common foundation, their ancient Hebrew nature. An estimated 80-90% of all we know about the Hebrew nature of the Book of Mormon has come forth in only the last 15 years. This is definitely a move of the Lord and is a message of timing for us. The Spirit of God is ready to move in a great way upon the Lamanites. This is our time to respond.