The Hidden Principle: Come Unto Christ
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Lesson #9 The Covenant Relationship is being a child of Christ.

King Benjamin's sermon is one of the spiritual highlights of the Book of Mormon. His people made the top response to the word of God through him. In Mosian 3:6-8, we find they were called the children of Christ because they made a covenant. It is very enlightening to read a list of attributes of the children of Christ and then compare it with a list of the attributes of the children of men, who do not have a covenant. Studying the children of Christ list is an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the covenant relationship. You may compile a children of Christ list by listing all of the desirable spiritual attributes mentioned in King Benjamin’s sermon (Mos. 1:38-3:21). The children of men list can be made by looking up all of the children of men references and noting the attributes.