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Ether 4:66
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66    And in the days of Lib the poisonous serpents
    were destroyed,
Wherefore, they did go into the Land Southward
    to hunt food for the people of the land, for the
    land was covered with animals of the forest;
67    And Lib also, himself, became a great hunter;
68    And they built a great city by the Narrow Neck of Land,
    by the place where the sea divides the land;
69    And they did preserve the Land Southward
    for a wilderness to get game.
70    And the whole face of the Land Northward
    was covered with inhabitants;
And they were exceeding industrious,
And they did buy and sell and traffic one
    with another that they might get gain.
71    And they did work in all manner of ore,
And they did make gold and silver and iron
    and brass and all manner of metals;
And they did dig it out of the earth;
Wherefore, they did cast up mighty heaps of earth for to
    get ore of gold and of silver and of iron and of copper;
72    And they did work all manner of fine work.
73    And they did have silks and fine-twined linen;
And they did work all manner of cloth that they
    might clothe themselves from their nakedness.
74    And they did make all manner of tools to till the earth-
    both to plow and to sow,
    to reap and to hoe,
    and also to thrash;
75    And they did make all manner of tools,
    in the which they did work their beasts;

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