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Mosiah 7:4
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4    And he did cause his people to commit sin and do that
    which was abominable in the sight of the Lord,
5    Yea, and they did commit whoredoms
    and all manner of wickedness.
6    And he laid a tax of one fifth part of all they possessed:
A fifth part of their gold and of their silver,
And a fifth part of their ziff and of their copper
    and of their brass and their iron,
And a fifth part of their fatlings,
And also a fifth part of all their grain;
7    And all this did he take to support himself and his wives
    and his concubines, and also his priests and their wives
    and their concubines.
Thus he had changed the affairs of the kingdom,
8    For he put down all the priests that had been consecrated
    by his father and consecrated new ones in their stead,
    such as were lifted up in the pride of their hearts;
9    Yea, and thus were they supported in their laziness and
    in their idolatry and in their whoredoms by the taxes
    which King Noah had put upon his people;
Thus did the people labor exceedingly to support iniquity;
10    Yea, and they also became idolatrous because they were
    deceived by the vain and flattering words
    of the king and priests,
For they did speak flattering things unto them.
11    And it came to pass that King Noah built
    many elegant and spacious buildings,
And he ornamented them with fine work of wood,
And of all manner of precious things-
    of gold and of silver,
    and of iron and of brass,
    and of ziff and of copper;
12    And he also built him a spacious palace and a throne
    in the midst thereof, all of which was of fine wood
    and was ornamented with gold and silver
    and with precious things;
13    And he also caused that his workmen should work all
    manner of fine work within the walls of the temple-
    of fine wood and of copper and of brass;

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