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Moroni 8:31
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31    "Behold, the pride of this nation, or the pride
    of the Nephites, hath proved their destruction,
    except they should repent;
32    Pray for them, my son, that repentance
    may come unto them.
33    "But behold, I fear lest the Spirit hath ceased
    striving with them;
And in this part of the land they are also seeking to put
    down all power and authority which cometh from God,
And they are denying the Holy Ghost;
34    And after rejecting so great a knowledge,
    my son, they must perish soon,
Unto the fulfilling of the prophecies
    which were spoken by the prophets,
    as well as the words of our Savior Himself.
35    "Farewell, my son, until I shall write unto you
    or shall meet you again. Amen."

9    The second epistle of Mormon to his son Moroni.
"My beloved son, I write unto you again
    that ye may know that I am yet alive;
But I write somewhat that which is grievous.
2    "For behold, I have had a sore battle with the Lamanites,
    in the which we did not conquer;
And Archeantus has fallen by the sword,
    and also Laram and Emron,
Yea, and we have lost a great number of our choice men.
3    "And now behold, my son, I fear lest the Lamanites
    shall destroy this people, for they do not repent,
And Satan stirreth them up continually
    to anger one with another.
4    "Behold, I am laboring with them continually;
And when I speak the word of God with sharpness,
    they tremble and anger against me;
And when I use no sharpness,
    they harden their hearts against it;
Wherefore, I fear lest the Spirit of the Lord
    hath ceased striving with them;
5    For so exceedingly do they anger, that it seemeth me
    that they have no fear of death;
And they have lost their love one toward another;
And they thirst after blood and revenge continually.

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